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Laptop Repair / Desktop Repair

Is your iMac running slow? Spilt liquid on your MacBook Air? Smashed your screen? Need a memory or hard drive (yes, SSD!) upgrade? Onsite fault-finding.

Malware and Spyware Removal

There are no known virii for recent Mac but they can get malware, which slows your machine down and creates a range of problems. Spyware is when an ex partner (for example) puts tracking software on your computer. Keylogger installation and detection

Data Recovery and Backup Plan

Use hard drives, iCloud or Dropbox? What are the pros and cons? How many backups do are really needed?

Desktop or laptop or iPad?

Which type of computer should I buy and what is the most cost effective way to do it? What about second-hand? General Advice on software, usage and selection. Training sessions

Cloud Services

What’s the difference between iCloud and Dropbox? Wi Fi  & 3G/4G dongle installation and configuration. Websites.

Cyber Security

How do I protect my computer or my website from being hacked? Should I use software XYZ?


System, hard drive and memory upgrades

Advice, etc

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What do I need for my business?

Do I even need a computer? Is my brain enough?

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I have known Martin for well over 12 years, too long ago to remember. At that time Martin’s knowledge and ability was of great assistance to me in solving hardware and software problems. Martin has kept his skills and knowledge well and truly up to date, as now he is able to deal with the current range of Apple products including iPod, iPad and iPhone. He also has vast experience in carrying out upgrades for both hardware and software. He has demonstrated his knowledge and skills for myself and various other SAAUC (South Australian Apple Users Club) members over many years.

I have always found Martin very knowledgeable, most reliable and punctual at all times.

Peter Wiechmann

Current SAAUC member and Past SAAUC Vice President

In 2009 I experienced major hardware problems with my Mac laptop which proved too difficult for two technicians to solve until I asked Martin to look at it. He discovered and rectified the problem within a week.

Brenda Oakey

University Student (PhD candidate)

I highly recommend Martin Howells as a highly skilled and reliable computer consultant. I could not be happier with his work.

As an American living in the USA, I first discovered Martin when an Australian colleague responded to my international search for someone to help me with my website. At that time, I heard rave reviews from several local people in Adelaide about his tech-handy abilities to fix almost anything related to computers.

Peggy Sax, PhD

Licensed Psychologist Vermont, USA,

I have known Martin for twenty years. Martin has been advising me on the workings of Apple computers for over ten years. He has immeasurable knowledge in the workings of technology and I have found that Martin is never afraid of a challenge.

His response time is very quick and his information is always accurate and up to date. He has an ability to communicate in what I would class as understandable computer language, unlike most IT professionals I have dealt with. I find this most helpful as he not only problem solves but he empowers me with confidence to tackle new ideas. I highly recommend Martin for his dedicated approach in solving all IT problems. He is prompt and professional and no problem is overlooked. He is abreast of current trends and his advice is unbiased.

Algis Ignatavicius

Chef, Regency International College Days Road Regency Park SA 0413614083

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